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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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thank you so much and so i turn it over now to ms. tam to say a few words. >> hi. once again i am ms. tam director of peer resources. thank you. we are honored by this commendation and excited to be here. we especially while i have the chance i want to thank you all for your support at peer resources especially at this critical time of transition and as the superintendent mentioned we are now independent and a project of community initiative, so moving forward peer resources' mission is to create justice change in our schools and communities through the leadership of young people engaging, training and advocating for young people, and with that i'm going to turn the podium over to dominique sanchez. [applause] >> all right. so i am
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dominique sanchez and i want to thank the school board and the superintendent for this honor and having me here and peer resource program is a program that allows the youth to educate their peers and we cover topics such as peer pressure, self esteem, sexiel decision making and my class is working in racism and we work on how to combat interpersonal and racism and we get to pick the topics that we want to learn about, but personally pier resources is not just a program to do extra circular activities and i can open up. i surround myself with people from different backgrounds. i feel i'm a leader and can compete in the top ton ivy league schools and i can take on everything and i
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want to thank her for her help and i never thought i would be up here speaking and i am thankful for being here and let's go 49ers. [applause] >> any comments from the board? well, i will just say on behalf of the board how much we appreciate the work of peer resources for our students and thank you to the commissioners for bringing forth the commendation. might i request on behalf of the board if the authors allow us add our names to your resolution. thank you. oh yes commissioner wynns. >> thank you. sorry i can't be there tonight, but national school board association meeting in washington, but i wanted to jump up when you said everybody has been involved in peer
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resources because i am proud to have been an active supporter of peer resources for more than 20 years and i am just really thrilled that this happened and we have been able to recently really show our support for peer resources at a time of transition when it's needed. i am committed myself as others connected to the program to be a supporter of whatever needed. thank you. >> thank you. roll call please. >> thank you. ms. wong. >> yes. >> ms. fewer. >> yes. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> ms. maufas. >> yes. >> ms. mendoza. >> aye. >> ms. murase. >> aye. >> president norton. yes.
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>> seven aye's. >> commissioners, if you will do the honors with the certificates. thank you. >> all right. the next item we have recognition of mentoring
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for success. mr. superintendent. >> thank you president norton. i would like to ask kim coats and the staff of mentoring for success to please come forward. [applause] and mr. kevin [inaudible] >> good evening superintendent, commissioners, i am can i havein trin from the support department and i promise said we would be quick today so my reputation is on the line so we have two programs in the department we are very proud of. yes peer resources. thank you very much for honoring peer resources. they're a great part of my department and also parenting with them is our mentoring for success programs. we have four grants. we had a [inaudible] with the district attorney's office and this is one of the projects we're partnering with the district attorney on. we
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currently have 640 mentors in the city mentoring 740 students but there are at least a thousand student who is are out there wanting a mentor that we cannot provide one for right now, so with that being said i will introduce three important people for the program,. [applause] >> so we're really happy that you're giving us time to talk about mentoring for success, quite a movement that is happening right now in mentoring and we appreciate the recognition of national mentoring month. we did give you materials to keep to the time limit and it does have some snapshot of some information with pretty pictures and graphs and stuff so you should check it out, and just so we're all on the same page. the formal definition of mentoring is a
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structured and purposeful relationship between a caring adult and a young person so that's what we're talking about here and we know one thing is if students don't feel connected it's harder for them to succeed and we know that caring adults build assets for our youth. you simply can't succeed if you're not connected. it's human nature. that's why mentoring for success is fostering those relationships in our district. no two relationships look the same so we have a couple of mentors here and a student that will share about their experience in a bit so yeah. >> under the umbrella of student community support and health programs we launched this program and in 2007 with seven schools and 90 matches. today thanks to grants from we're proud to partner with 40
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schools and support 740 matches. the program encompasses two school base models, a one to one mentor program with 640 k through 12 students and a model that serves ninth grader who is are at risk of dropping out of school. we haven't did this on our own. we have been able to utilize staff to coordinate activities. our social workers and nurses and wellness coordinators have built the capacity to do this through mentoring. collaboration is key to our success. while we cannot acknowledge all of the partners right now they are listed in your profile. we are partnering with the da's office and the coalition to have city wide recruitment event this thursday. we hope that you can all make
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it and bring a friend. >> together with our partners we are dedicated to reaching out to the vulnerable youth many that live in the distressed neighborhoods. you're probably asking is mentoring success actually making a difference? is it improving grades? is it improving attendance? yes, the data and our students say so. students in the program consistently report being closer to caring adults at school than the student population and increase their attendance or gpa after being matched and who are our mentors? take a look at the last page of the newsletter. i am sure you will recognize many of the names. this small army of teachers, professionals, social workers, nurses, wellness staff and a broad spectrum of community members have been
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dedicated thousands of hours every month for a student to maximize their potential and they're the ones that observe your recognition and with they am glad to introduce holy many and her mentee laura gill, an eighth grader in middle school. [applause] >> hi. i am holly. this is lolo so we're just here tonight to share about our experience together. i have been working with her since 2011. we were matched up then for "our sassy dispositions". that's what they told us anyway so we started working together i have seen a lot of improvement in lolo just across the board. she had a lot of issues the first year with conflicts with teachers and students that resulted in a lot of suspensions and as a result affected her attendance
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significantly. this year there has been only one suspension and she has taken positive steps in making really, really strong mature moves to resolve conflicts in a healthy way. one of the things we worked on in the school setting and weekly how we could do things differently and try to implement that and she has done that incredibly well. i have no doubt she will be highly successful in everything that she does. >> well, the question on the paper says and you think back to your mentor relationship. what is something you remember the most? and i think one thing i remember the most how one person can change another person's life dramatically, improve their behavior by talking to them and having an hour together and how she has a rough job already and it's not a little work. it's a lot working at a law firm and
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she takes time out of her day to work with a snotty kid. that's one thing i will remember and yeah, and i think that mentoring is -- i think it could change people's lives if only everybody could have a mentor. sometimes adults need mentors. [applause] >> thank you for having us. >> i will second that. >> thank you both so much for sharing. we really appreciate that and now we would like to introduce you to the principal of mission high school and share his experience as a administrator and mentor in our program. >> good evening everyone and thank you for having me here so every monday right after lunch the bell rings. i am doing
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supervision and go to my office and nine students waiting for me and my partner to mentor them every monday and that is the most joyous tile for me and phenomenal for the kids as well. last year we looked at early indicator students. these are students that come with two indicators that predict possibility of dropping out of high school and low gpa and attendance and we were looking for what to do and this showed up at our door and a light came on and put the students in groups with partner mentors and what success would we see? and what we saw last year and this year our students significantly out perform the district for attendance and gpa and i know there are a lot of pieces to
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the puzzle but i believe the mentoring part is critical. our tenth graders are always checking in with us. last semester many of my students are 2.0 and well on track for graduation and one of the significant programs we offer and we're tracking it to look at the data and in addition we have the one-on-one mentoring and i would be remiss if i shouldn't shout out to the resources folks and being a mentor increasing principal haze given me an incredible lens how to support the students at a higher level. thank you so much. [applause] >> i'm kim coats, director school of health programs and i wanted to close by thanking the superintendent and all of the board commissioners for
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recognizing national mentoring month. i want to thank kevin and lori varace and others for their amazing leadership. thank you to the people that came tonight and everyone that came to specifically support peer resources and mentoring for success. we need mentors so talk to a friend, a family member or colleagues or be a mentor yourself. join us at marcus book store. it's the partnership with the da office and starts at 5:00 p.m.. come out celebrate mentoring for success and other partnerships and look at the website healther .org and loo there is some great information there and we would be happy to answer any questions you have now or in the future and thanks for your support and
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thanks for wearing the stickers too "be a mentor" .
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>> i just also want to give a plug. i have had a mentee going on four years and i want to say -- ms. jones who is on track to graduate this may and i want to say that she's knowing her has enriched my life. i learn every time i pleet with her how to be a better board member and i think about her constantly when we set policy around graduation and how we serve our students best so i want to give a plug on national mentoring month to get involved and i think that we demonstrated here it's a very easy process to do, but i just want to say jamisa has enriched by life greatly and i like to think she's made me a better
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board member and thoughtful one for sure. >> all right. last but not least at all we would like to recognize the members of the public education reason rich ment fund community advisory community. superintendent. all right. it's not time for general public comment now. >> [inaudible] >> sir, sir. >> [inaudible] there was a vice principal that touched a child inappropriately -- [inaudible] >> sir --sir, i don't want to
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clear the room. you're out of order. >> yeah -- let's. >> this is inappropriate. you need to sit down sir. >> sir. >> you need to sit down sir. >> my name is charles e smith pastor. >> all right. i am clearing the room. please leave the >> good fortune of spending at least one night a month with the members to work on looking at it and how it's serving our students and help to make it a more impactful initiative so each year we take time to recognize each member of the peace cap and first we want to start with folks terming down after four years of services and
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i wanted to remind commissioners that we do have some vacancy and i will send you information so we can fill the seats and keep our positive momentum going. i'm want sure if all these folks are here but wanted to recognize them but for four years of service and they were integral shepherding this on into the new role and we're appreciative of that. i would like to welcome and honor anna dearce. come on up. [applause] and baeart fong. [applause] thank you and i don't think either of these folks are here tonight, ben cough man and claire waskey so let's give them a hand for their years of service and just to remind folk
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this is is a volunteer position and although it's rewarded handsomely with one meal a month, so we really appreciate all your hard work so now we're going to recognize the members of this year, and we have a number of these folks with us tonight with us. ms. guzman. [applause] jeff ang. [applause] and i want to let you know that our group is wom comprised of parents and student and staff and one of the cochairs this year angelina wae. [applause] the student members have been very integral of bringing the work that we do and we're appreciative of that as well. jennifer vega. is she here
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tonight? abigail [inaudible], another student and victor tam. not here tonight unfortunately, and another student rain delasic. [applause] >> thank you. michael rhymer. dr. michael rhymer. bill capinhagen. [applause] >> mary ju. mary ju is our other co-chair this year providing effective leadership. brian fox. [applause] thank you and we also have the pleasure of two members of the board of education, former members, one of which is mr. matthew haney.
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[applause] and the other is student delegate windy ly who is not here tonight but windy was one of the members last year. we also want to give a shout out to four people that were on the peace kag last spring and moved onto other projects but we want to acknowledge their time. i am not sure if they're here tonight but carolyn granner. steve cook. [applause] steven was co-chair for quite some time providing some great leadership. all right. and another student, hannah lee. i'm not sure she's here tonight so that concludes our certificates of recognition. let's give them a hand for their hard work please. [applause] thank you very much.
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>> as a point of personal privilege later in the meeting we have the moment where we announce new people to our committees and mine is in the audience and mark will be joining the sac and mark will you stand up. [applause] any other comments from the board? >> yes. so as a past member of the kak for many years i know the time and dedication it takes. i want to say thank you very much and particularly say thank you to claire waskey my appointee coming off four years of dedicated service for our school district. she's also a school librarian and so claire if you're listening i want to say thank you so much for representing our district on the peace. thank you very much. [applause] >> i just really want to thank
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each and other one of you and your families because i know it takes a lot of time in the evenings and i want to thank jeff and maggie for their service as my appointees. [applause] >>i also just as a very recent of the kag and spent time with you over the past couple years i want to thank you. i wouldn't be up here if it wasn't from my experience in the group and what i learned from you and i want to thank you for that and i promise to fill my vacancy soon and commissioner mendoza by creating a vacancy by coming up here and thank you very much for what you do and i look forward to working with you as a commissioner. >> thank you. i also want to give you my heart felt thanks for all the work that you. do as you know we are going up for renewal and all of the work
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that you did for us allows a wonderful narrative with what we did with the funds that the voters trusted us with, and you created a space that we spend the money well; that our students benefit from it and it's something certainly renewing for the enrichment of schools and the oversight you provided and all the advice you have given on us, and again we have a renewal coming up. i will say that out loud again and i want to make sure that a wonderful award and all of the work that you do is ensure that does get renewed and thank you for your support and efforts and your hard work. >> thank you. just quickly i wanted to thank you again.
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there are many times i come through the district late in the evening and nothing is happening and sure enough you're here working and i am always amazing at your dedication is exceptional. thank you so much for caring the extra level for our students and families and schools and you know where it's going and who it's benefiting and thank you very much and congratulations kathy to you as well. i just wanted to echo the thanks of the board to the many volunteer hours that you all put in. i want to recognize barry bond and his last year on the group. thank you fo -- for serving and i guess that means i have another opening. >> thank you all very much. >> all right. we will move on the student delegates report. >> student advisory council
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recently had the reteeth with the youth commission on january 12 and 13 at civic center secondary school. we learned about the school's budget and the members of the peace cap presented that process in it. we reflected on the work we have done in the year and set goals for the remainder of the year. on sunday legislative aid came to us speak to us about the importance of youth voice and did a workshop with us. we broke out into the committees and plans for the remainder of the year. we are looking at more possibility for having more involvement in the councils and focusing on this and student delegate elections as long as the upcoming youth summit. the
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health commit is working on a item of eating breakfast and add to the process. commissioner murase also joined us and discussing the event about violence against woman and takes place on the 14th is the at civic center plaza. an officer from bart visited us to spread the word of about his existence and his department is basically the oversight of bart office behaviors and was created after the incident. they are having a meeting right now at the library and it ends at 8:00 o'clock. >> thank you ms. wong. normally item e, the parent advisory council report would appear